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About us 

Northern Care Consultancy was founded on the desire to help care providers during the often difficult and stressful time of a CQC inspection.  

We aim to give care settings the confidence and knowledge they need to provide the best possible environment for the vulnerable people in their care.  


Where did it begin? 

Our Founder and Managing Director Andrew Foster created Northern Care Consultancy after 6 years as a CQC inspector. 

My name is Andrew Foster and I am the managing director of Northern Care Consultancy. I have worked in the health and social care sector for over 17 years. I worked across different geographical areas with different types of services from working with adults with leaning disabilities to drug and alcohol abuse. Having supported people through services I moved to be an inspector with the regulator for health and social care for six years. During my time with the regulator I gained a huge amount of experience around working with and meeting the regulations for The Health and Social Care Act 2008. 





I also noticed the shortfalls services had made, were often easily improved at little expense. As part of my role with the Care Quality Commission we were not able to advise services on how to run their business. I therefore noted an opportunity to use my experience and knowledge in a more pro active way to benefit services and the people who use them. It is the aim of Northern Care Consultancy to identify and work closely with organisations and services to improve their practices and achieve a higher standard of care.


Since then we have helped a number of  settings to improve their CQC rating. We have been on hand to support and advise our customers across a range of settings including: 

  • domiciliary care 

  • residential services 

  • nursing services

  • supported living  

  • care in your own home

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