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Our other services

We can use our industry expertise and knowledge of CQC guidance to support you in a number of ways. We can offer you a bespoke service encompassing any of the issues and challenges you are facing around compliance.

Enforcement support

Following any CQC inspection it can be a nervous time for providers waiting on the report to land on your doorstep. Usually when the CQC intend to take enforcement action, they will leave you with an indication with their feedback form. We ask you to contact us as soon as possible when you think you may have a problem to work through. This allows us to evaluate what the CQC have said, review for any challenge and action plan the support you require going forwardto work through any problems.

Challenging CQC reports

As our team have all spent time inspecting, reviewing and writing reports for the CQC, we have all jumped through the numerous hurdles, guidance and review process for these reports. We have seen and supported with numerous challenges that have overturned reports. We feel we are in the perfect position to support with your challenge and how to respond appropriately to the CQC.

Medication audits

Every full comprehensive inspection our staff completed with the CQC required a medication review and audit. With our years of experience we saw the best audit tools being used by providers. This allowed us to adopt a similar approach, adding vital information required by the auditor or the CQC. We have medication audit paperwork approved by previous CQC inspections that we have created to support you.

Environmental audits

Environmental audits cover everything from your gas safety certificate, food hygiene, infection control to fire regulations. Our comprehensive audit will cover all of these areas as reviewed by the CQC. We will action plan any results we find and offer CQC-approved documentation for your future recordings.

Care planning and support

Care planning and support is an integral part of the standard of care provided by your service. The CQC review the care planning process as well as documentation on all comprehensive inspections. People and their relatives should be involved in the care planning process and there are many elements the CQC will check for during an inspection. We can review your documentation and recordings and offer our guidance and support as well as our own CQC approved documentation.

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