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Mock CQC inspection

Our team of trained CQC inspectors will come to your setting and undertake an inspection – exactly as you would expect from the real thing! 

After our mock inspection, you will be provided with a personalised and prioritised action plan, within 24 hours. This gives you detailed advice on exactly what you need to do to meet the regulations. 

We will leave you with your ratings as CQC would do. This includes where necessary, identification and evidence of any breaches of regulation or recommendations.

We have a number of tools at our disposal to help you succeed including access to health care professionals, training needs, CQC approved documentation and advice and support. Our consultants also have vast experience working in ‘Outstanding settings’ and are able to share those experiences with our customers.

If you follow our action plan, you will place your service in a much-strengthened position when inspected by the CQC. 


Why choose a Mock Inspection?


  • Your staff will be prepared in advance and know exactly what to expect during a real CQC inspection

  • You can have confidence that, if implemented, our action plan will improve your CQC rating

  • We have complete knowledge of all new guidelines and changes to regulations, and will advise on how you can meet them

  • Our mock inspection action plan can be used to bolster your established quality assurance systems and processes

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