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Meet "Sprout", our guide dog we are sponsoring through training!



Our chance to say thank you with a little gift to all the staff at Alexandra Court!


Unfortunately we could not give all care workers gifts, so others we decided to thank with a card.


Click on the 'play' buttons to see some of the additional work we have been doing to combat COVID-19


Helping where we can - Meet Naava

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Naava helps the Lukeeta Foundation along with other selfless acts of kindness on a daily basis. The Lukeeta Foundation was set up to support a family with seven children to have a safe and comfortable life in Uganda, with the real chance of going through school. For the past 18 month since launching the Lukeeta Foundation, Naava has been an absolute rock! None of this would have happened without her, she has spent countless hours helping out those less fortunate and transporting food, clothes and essential items. 

In order to help Naava and allow her to continue to help those in need she needed some transport, so we at Northern Care Consultancy, along with other contributors helped raise £650 to buy a motorbike so she can easily get to the market and transport food back to the families in need. 

Naava is an absolute beacon of hope for these communities, she is an incredible human being, full of positivity, compassion and never without a smile on her face! I think we can all learn a lot from Naava and her outlook on life.

Naava 2 bike
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Each year at Christmas time, we like to take the opportunity to give something back to the community. In 2019 we chose to work with a local childrens nursery based in Cookridge, Leeds called 'Little Explorers of Cookridge'. We have donated the 1st prize for their raffle. All the proceeds of this raffle goes towards the purchase on new equipment, trips out and anything else to do with benefitting the children and their learning journey.

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