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A CQC inspection is always a nerve raking time for services. We know this is a short period of time in which you have to show you at your best while dealing with the day to day running of your service. This is why we believe we can help at any stage of this process. We can complete a mock inspection and review of your service prior to CQC arrival. We can be there to support and advise on the day of inspection. Or we can action plan any work to be completed and/or challenge any CQC report.

If you are unsure about what action to take but know you need some help, we offer a free initial consultation via phone, skype or face to face to discuss your needs and offer clarity on the direction you wish to take your service. At the end of this consultation there is no obligation to accept any service from ourselves. If you wish to take advantage of this free offer, please ring or e-mail us. Contact details can be found on the contacts tab at the top of your screen.

Turnaround service

We offer a turnaround service. This is aimed at providers that have a service recently rated as 'Requires Improvement' or 'Inadequate' by the CQC. These services will know this can be a very difficult time as the CQC want to know why you are failing, relatives and people who use the service want to know what's happening and banks will rarely lend to services with poor ratings. Well first of all don't panic, we have seen this many times before as inspectors and we guarantee to be able to raise your rating again. All we need is a commitment and honesty from yourselves to progress your service. The turnaround service often takes regular and close involvement to complete. As this is a large commitment, we offer a discounted rate per day while we support you. When the CQC next come to inspect, if your overall rating has improved, we will invoice for a further success fee....this is our guarantee to you.

CQC style mock inspection

This is one of the more popular services we are asked for. Our staff are current CQC inspectors on their bank list and as managing director having worked as an inspector full time for 6 years completing over 150 inspections, we are very at home when it comes to completing inspections. Mock inspections are a great way to prepare your staff team for inspection, as well as gain valuable knowledge about how your services meet regulations. The main advantage of this process unlike the CQC inspection is following our mock inspection, we will action plan and advise exactly what has to be completed in order to meet regulation. We have a number of tools at our disposal to help you succeed including access to health care professionals, training needs, CQC approved documentation and advice and support.

Enforcement support

Following any CQC inspection it can be a nervous time for providers waiting on the report to land on your doorstep. Usually when the CQC intend to take enforcement action, they will leave you with an indication with their feedback form. We ask you to contact us as soon as possible when you think you may have a problem to work through. This allows us to evaluate what the CQC have said, review for any challenge and action plan the support you require going forward. We would like to add not to panic, as we are confident we can work through nearly all problems.

Challenging CQC reports

As our team have all spent time inspecting, reviewing and writing reports for the CQC, we have all jumped through the numerous hurdles and house style, guidance and review process for these reports. We have seen and supported with numerous challenges that have overturned reports. We feel we are in the perfect position to support with your challenge and how to respond appropriately to the CQC.

Medication audits

Every single full comprehensive inspection our staff completed with the CQC required a medication review and audit. With our years of experience we saw the best of the best audit tools being used by providers. This allowed us to adopt a similar approach, adding vital information required by the auditor or the CQC. We have medication audit paperwork approved by previous CQC inspections that we have created for your purchase.

Environmental audits

Environmental audits cover everything from your gas safety certificate, food hygiene, infection control to fire regulations. Our comprehensive audit will cover all of these areas as reviewed against by the CQC. We will action plan any results we find and offer CQC approved documentation for your future recordings.

Care planning and support

Care planning and support is an integral part of the care and support provided by your service. The CQC review the care planning process as well as documentation and the recordings on all comprehensive inspections. People and their relatives should be involved in the care planning process and there are many elements the CQC will check for during inspection. We can review your documentation and recordings and offer our guidance and support as well as our own CQC approved documentation.

Use of CQC approved documentation

Training support

Support with completing PIR/PIC

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